September 13th - 30th, 2021
Meet 15 Korean Bio & Pharma Leaders Tackling Covid-19 on the Frontline
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In May of 2021, the U.S. and Korea decided to establish 'KORUS Global Vaccine Partnership', in a summit meeting between U.S. President Joe Biden and Rep. of Korea President Moon Jae-in.
Both countries have recognized the suffering COVID-19 has caused all over the world and therefore decided to share a multilateral cooperation to bring an early end to the COVID-19 pandemic. This partnership was formed to supply more COVID-19 vaccines globally and to combine U.S. vaccine technology and Korea's production capacity.
Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy & KOTRA are organizing 'U.S.-Korea Global Vaccine Partnership' to showcase 15 renowned, cutting-edge Korean Bio/Pharmaceutical companies. We hope this event will not only expand the production of vaccines that have been demonstrated safe and effective, but also provide a positive and stable vaccine supply to the world.
If you are looking for or in need of partners in the categories below, please click HERE to request a 1:1 virtual meeting. Our 15 prominent companies are waiting for successful collaborations.
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<R&D Cooperation>
- New drug development based on small molecule drugs on GI, Immune and Oncology
- Developing COVID-19 vaccine and CAR-T drug with protein and cell production GMP infrastructure
Prestige BioPharma
- State of the art vaccine manufacturing center with 104,000ℓ of production capacity.
- Single-use Bioreactor system supports large-scale vaccine production with minimal risk of cross contamination.
Samyang Holdings
- Promotes the R&D and commercialization of sustained release injectables through open innovation using drug delivery technology (DDS).
- Develop a COVID-19 vaccine and is researching an mRNA vaccine using stability enhanced nanoshell (mSENS).
<Raw Material Supply>
- Vial and ampoule containers with outstanding stability and quality.
- With over 50 years of experience, products are sold to over 100 domestic customers in Korea and are exported to the world.
- Polyethylene 2D, 3D Singl-Use bag with 0.325 mm Film thickness
- 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 Liter Mixing System with IP65
Enzychem Lifesciences
- Offers lipid production and supply, LNP formulation with technical transfer.
- mRNA CMO production available Jan 2022.
- Produces approximately 200 highest purity enzymes, consisting of 130 restriction endonucleases, 20 DNA polymerases, and 50 modifying enzymes.
- Offers various high-quality experiment kits using our own enzymes.
-The world’s largest supplier of Thymidine/Zidovudine to GSK and Sofosbuvir to Gilead.
-Experts in nucleotide based pharmaceuticals, providing key intermediates or APIs from nucleotide tooligonucleotide.
- Produces the specialty lipid compounds needed to deliver mRNA vaccines.
- Supplies cationic lipids (SM-102, ALC-0315) and phospholipids(DSPC).
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